Teachers' Testimonials



Marco Nicolini, Belgium

"Mathematics taught with a Learn By Doing (LBD) and Project Based Learning (PBL) strategy can be permanently brain-wired into pupils' minds, better than using other methodologies."


Andri Marathefti, Cyprus

"Taking part in the DISCODE program was a great experience! Learning can be fun and there are a lot of altrernative teaching methods some of which we learnt through the program! Technology is evovling and teaching should not stay the same! DISCODE program is a step forward!"


Eleni Constantinou, Cyprus

"It was a unique experience. It was really amazing being the student and the teacher at the same time as all these innovative approaches and use of technology to this extend was new to me as well. It was really fun to learn and teach things from 'scratch' as it enhanced the motivation for both the teacher and the student!"


Jiri Haut, Czech Republic

"Getting involved into DIS-CODE project was a very good experience and I am grateful for it. The visit to the Future Classroom Lab in Brussel was interesting and enlightening experience as the use of the materials in the school, which gave me a new perspective how to teach the subject."


Petra Cervenkova, Czech Republic

"I have the best experience with DISCODE project. I think that it was the best project for me. I am Mathematics and IT ́s teacher and I also can see the connect between these two subject, but my students don ́t have to. The most important part of DISCODE project was in Bruselles with internationl team and I had enought time to meet very interesting coordinatrs, teachers, to find out new places, useful web resources, interesting ideas and tips for my education."


Carla Vercellone, Italy

" The DISCODE experience was original and engaging and overturned my traditional teaching. The pupils have built their own learning by manipulating mathematical, recreational, digital and programming resources."


Elena Sala, Italy

"Coding is fun and students perceive that building their own programs to solve maths problems is a gratifiable experience."


Bruno Picasso, Italy

"A coding approach is helpful to learn how to solve Mathematical problems in a methodological way and this approach turned out to increasstudents' success with Mathematics."


AnaLúcia Pinto, Portugal

"I think it was very interesting to participate in this project. The students learn more enthusiastically when they are using computing gadgets and manipulative materials because they feel more motivated. They may experiment difficulties in the content taught, but they make an extra effort to overcome them. "


Paula Texeira, Portugal

"I really enjoyed participating in this project. The training I attended in Brussels was very useful in my teaching practice. During the implementation of the project with the students, it was very interesting to check their commitment in the activities, even by the students with more difficulties. I wish I had more time to complete and finalize some activities."