Training Plan: Online Platform

DIS-CODE has developed an online platform open to everyone based on the DIS-CODE Training Plan for teachers that aims to help all students, and especially those at drop out risk, improve their digital literacy and Mathematics by integrating programming and coding in the classroom.

The online Training Plan is designed for teachers of students between 12 to 18 years old that attend junior and upper secondary schools. It is organised around the three following main modules:

1. Improving Digital Skills 2. Numerical Skills 3. Introduction to Scratch


1. Through the module Improving Digital Skills, students can enhance digital literacy in relation to analysis and elaboration of audio files, can learn how to use podcasts to support meaningful educational experiences, and can improve their media literacy by experience how to create content for multimedia. The course is divided into three chapters: cloud and collaborative learning, digital storytelling and digital imaging. Find them all here.

2. If you want to improve your students' Numerical Skills, visit Module 2 and use coding and the flipped classroom method in your teaching. The course includes the following chapters: arithmetic: the remainder theorem, manipulation of algebraic expressions, graph of a function and the Pythagorean theorem.

3. The Module 3 is an introductory chapter to Scratch programming language. Through this course, students explore the Scratch environment and experiment to figure out the function of the most basic features and Scratch blocks. Here you can also find an introduction to coding.

Each module includes a syllabus, learning objectives, methods to be used, activities, bibliography, programming games and assessment. It also includes lesson and work plans for teachers to use in the classrooms and get inspired to create their own.

In the platform, you can also access the following tools to use: videos, a mistake board where you can post, read and learn from your and your colleagues' mistakes, and a forum where you can share good practices and experiences.

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All materials are available openly, but if you wish to be granted full access to the platform please contact us here.