1st European Celebration of Women in Computing in Brussels

Are you a young woman in technology or an ICT Company? Then join us for the 1st European Celebration of Women in Computing, taking place from 25 to 26 of April 2016 in Brussels, Belgium, during the Girls' Day Week.

This is a unique opportunity for young women working in computing to discover what other women have already contributed to the field, learn about European Commission initiatives and meet IT companies looking for highly skilled women. If you are an ICT Company, this is your opportunity to reinvent your IT company through good practices of gendered innovation, diversity and inclusion, and balanced leadership.

As the world is going digital so is the labour market. Skills like coding are the new literacy. Hence, it is crucial to promote coding and computational thinking at all levels of education, as well as in more informal settings. The aim is to establish coding as a key competence within every education system in Europe.

The event is organised by the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT) under the patronage of the European Commission's DG GROWTH, DG CONNECT and DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

More info: http://womenincomputing.eu/

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