New DIS-CODE resource on how to integrate coding skills and digital competences in your classroom

Do you want to help your students improve their digital and numerical competences? Recent studies show that integrating basic coding and programming in the classroom can enhance problem-solving skills, team work, analytical thinking and boost the digital and numerical skills of students.

The DIS-CODE Training Plan, developed by the DIS-CODE project partners, aims to help all students, and especially those at drop out risk, improve their digital literacy and Mathematics by integrating programming and coding in the classroom. The Training Plan is designed for teachers of students between 12 to 18 years old that attend junior and upper secondary schools. It is organised around the three main modules: digital skills, numerical skills, and basics of computer programming. Each one includes detailed description of the learning goals, activities, lesson plans, and suggested tools to be used in the classroom.

Download the Training Plan here and find more resources here.