Unlocking the digital revolution - Microsoft's 3 calls to action

With a renewed focus on coding an computer science in the education system amongst European policymakers, technology companies across Europe are examining how they can work with education stakeholders to give coding a more central role in school curricula.

Microsoft, one of the stakeholders in the European Coding Initiative, has issued three calls to action for policymakers to ensure that young people are equipped with the digital skills that they need to face the challenges of the current job market.

  1. Integrate computing across national curricula, led at a European level
  2. Set higher-level ICT competence as one of the key competences for lifelong learning
  3. Provide teachers with the necessary training and support to teach a 21st century ICT curriculum

To read the calls to action in full, and to learn more about Microsoft's actions at European level to promote coding in education, click here.