Google launches website to help students learn coding

Google has recently launched a new website called Computer Science Education to help students learn coding and computer science.

Google Computer Science Education provides a collection of powerful tools, resources and programs to engage students in learning about the wonders of computer science. It also provides them with a number of scholarships, internships, residences and several other resources to help them develop their professional and technical skills. The three main sections in the website are:

This page includes a vast number of resources and programs designed specifically for students and educators that advance computer science education and provide opportunities for exploration and learning in school, in informal settings and at home. It also provides a number of key tools students can use in class to write computer programs.


Women and minorities are historically underrepresented in computer science at the post-secondary level. The reasons for this disparity are complex and so solutions that address them must be as diverse as the students themselves. Thus, this section features programs that offers students, women and minorities a wide variety of opportunities to help them expand their CS knowledge and cultivate valuable professional experience. It also includes ‘scholarships to support students world-wide'.
This section offers a number of resources to help students develop professional and technical skills. There are ‘programming contests that help students apply computational thinking and develop programming skills'. It also features a ‘number of internships and residences for those specifically interested in employment at Google'.