Girls in Tech: it’s your turn to #MakeWhatsNext in Venice!

#MakeWhatsNext is a two-day event taking place in May 26-27, Venice, that aims to inform young women about the potential of STEM studies and a career path in the technology industry.

#MakeWhatsNext Girlz in Tech Europe will have a set of exceptional speakers, including the BBC, European Institutions, STEM role models, cutting edge researchers, NGOs and start-ups who will challenge stereotypes of technology being a field for men, but also encourage and inspire every girl to pursue opportunities in digital trainings and careers.

Over 200 young women from Italy, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal and Romania will participate at the event and will have the opportunity to join interactive sessions, inspirational presentations and hands on trainings. The aim of #MakeWhatsNext is to explore how technology can empower girls and young women to create, achieve and invent a more prosperous Europe. It's a new way of finding inspiration, understanding, learning, and networking.

MakeWhatsNext is a Europe-wide event and will be followed online by people around the region. You can share your impressions on social media and join the conversation with #makewhatsnext and @mseurope! Invite your communities to watch the event live at and encourage girls around Europe to #MakeWhatsNext! It's your turn!