Le Wagon: the startup that is becoming a major coding bootcamp in Europe

Le Wagon is a French startup that is slowly but surely becoming a leading coding bootcamp in Europe. The company is expanding to several new cities and 500 students have already learned to code thanks to it.

Le Wagon started in Paris more than two years ago and its first class had only 15 students. Now, dozens of students are learning to code in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lille, Bordeaux, Marseille and Beirut. The startup will soon open shop in London, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Nantes, Lyon and three cities in Brazil. All this success has been accomplished without having raised any money.

Attending Le Wagon takes two months and students learn back-end and front-end coding, database-related topics, as well as a bit of project management. After two months, any student should be ready to dive deeper, learn other languages and tackle projects on their own.

While the startup is refining its approach to coding bootcamps by using technology as much as possible, it is also, step by step, building an all-in-one solution for coding skills. That means that any developer can become a teacher just by following the syllabus and making students work on the exercise platform.

This approach is key to understanding Le Wagon's success because it allows the company to create a standardised coding school in many different cities with a hands-off method. And as Romain Dillet writes in media website TechCrunch, the student feedback has been very positive.