What is new in the world of coding?

Plenty of exciting things happened this week in the world of coding! To keep you updated, we give you some of the most interesting events, including the 4th edition of EU Code Week, the #TeachYourChildren program…and much more!


1. Europe Code Week is back for its 4th edition!

Europe Code Week 2016 is four months away, following last year's enormously fun and successful edition! This year will be between 18 and 23 October. Join millions of children, young adults, adults, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, and policy makers who will again come together at events, in classrooms and libraries across Europe and beyond to learn to create with code. Check the pictures from our high-level event last year and have a taste of what this movement is all about! We get ‪#‎Europeans‬ ‪#‎coding‬! #codeEU‬‬‬‬
Learn more about Europe Code Week 2016 here.

2. Apple launches Swift Playgrounds app for kids

‎Swift‬ Playgrounds is the new Apple Inc. ‪app‬ that makes ‪coding‬ easy and fun to learn! This programming language an interactive interface that encourages students and beginners to explore how easy it is to work with Swift. It includes Apple-Developed programmed lessons that enables students to write code in coordination with onscreen characters, puzzles, and challenges.

For more information about the app visit here.‬‬‬‬

3. The first data science bootcamp in Europe was launched

The first European data science bootcamp will start in Brussels this summer on August 16. Organised by di Academy, the selected candidates will learn data science tools, techniques, and fundamental concepts from qualified instructors, experienced data scientists and industry leaders on a basis of 2 days a week during the 12 weeks bootcamp. To know more about the bootcamp visit: http://di-academy.com/bootcamp/

4. #TeachYourChildren: empowering K12 schools with technology!

#TeachYourChildren, powered by the Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP), is a pioneer program that aims to enable schools to have access to the latest Microsoft Technology & global education resources, modernizing school campuses and preparing future-ready students. K12 Education Institutes can enroll here. The Program is valid from March 23 - June 30th, 2016. So, hurry up!