Why coding is the most important job skill of the future

Data shows that computer programming jobs may be declining, but in contrast coding is becoming the most in-demand skill across industries.

It's not only companies in the technology sector; an increasing number of businesses on a wide range of sectors is relying on computer code. According to Glassdoor, eight of the top 25 jobs this year are tech positions. That means a software engineer could just as easily work at Apple as in a hospital or at an automotive manufacturer.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that employment specifically for computer programmers will decline 8% to 302,200 positions over the next decade. Nevertheless, a new report from Burning Glass, a job market analytics firm, found that there were as many as 7 million job openings in 2015 in occupations that required coding skills. They also found that programming jobs overall are growing 12% faster than the market average.

This data proves how coding has become a core skill that boosts a candidate's chances of having a high salary. Burning Glass researchers found that jobs that require coding skills pay up to $22,000 per year more, on average. "For students looking to increase their potential income, few other skills open the door to as many well-paying careers," they write in the report. Nearly half (49%) of all jobs that pay more than $58,000 require some coding skills, according to their analysis.

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