Summer of Code in Space – European Space Agency

The European Space Agency is looking for student software developers from across Europe to participate in its Summer of Code in Space. Winning applicants will be paid to develop innovative open-source software for space projects.

The Summer of Code in Space (SOCIS) is the European Space Agency's annual programme that gives students the chance to work on open-source space-related software during their summer break. The aim of the programme to is to raise the awareness of open source projects related to space within the open source community, as well as raising awareness about the work of the Agency itself.

A first stipend of €1,000 is provided at the start of the coding period. After three months of coding, if the project is successful, the students then receive an additional €3,000 grant. The coding period is usually from June to September.

So, if you are studying computer science and are thinking about what summer job to get, why not write code that will be used in space exploration?

See the European Space Agency website for further details. 


Photo credit: ESA/NASA