Learning to think like a coder to build a better business

The secret of CEOs who run successful companies is that they know how to think in a precise and analytical way. They think things through from one developmental step to another. In other words, they think like coders.

Coding is not always about developing apps or improving organisational flows. It's actually about how to think. While as a CEO you can hire someone to develop apps to streamline your business process, it is still important to get good at thinking things through before assigning any work to your staff. This idea is not new. As Steve Jobs once said:

"Everybody (…) should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think."

CEOs develop a knack for knowing how to build out a company. However, they eventually bump up against an invisible wall – the wall that divides those with management skills from those who have IT skills. As a CEO, it makes a huge difference to at least understand what IT consultants are talking about when they propose ideas on how to streamline workflow processes and improve performance metrics.

The pace of knowledge is so fast today that the best way to keep up is to learn how to think like a coder. Here are 3 good reasons why nailing this skill is important regardless of what type of business you are running:

  • You become sharper at spotting trends in the marketplace.
  • You get better at coming up with stimulating ideas that align with the power of technology to fully build out your vision.
  • You find it easier to collaborate with other like-minded, smart people who are interested in building a better world for us all.