DIS-CODE International Scratch Jam Competition Winners Anounced

The DIS-CODE International Scratch Jam competition took place successfully on 7 December in the Future Classroom Lab of Brussels, where students from schools across Europe and beyond were awarded for their projects using Scratch.

The winning projects are the following: Sherlock vs Saw, from The Scratchers in Italy, is a hypothetical challenging discussion between Saw and Sherlock around mathematical functions; the team Panda Class, Italy, created a gallery where students introduce their own school and communicate the happiness to be European students. Students from Czech Republic submitted the project Care about Giga with three different levels for one player; one of the Portuguese teams, Jujubibi2, created a simulation of a Math lesson called Funções 8 ano. Besides, the team Aviator from Turkey created a project called Plane and Circles, where they created a digital game using Scratch 2.0. Finally, the polish team Skrypterzy created Square's Adventure, a survival game with Scratch 2.0 as well.

The competition addressed students between 12 to 18 years old and all the participating teams were invited to create a project that evolved around two main categories: creativity and problem solving. Schools from Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Czech Republic, Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Poland and FYR Macedonia participated in the competition. All the projects received, illustrated the unlimited creative potential of the students who created and used elaborate pieces of code giving unique commands, while combining elements of storytelling, popular culture, programming and math.

Some of the participant teachers highlighted the importance and great value of using Scratch in the classroom. "Working with Scratch has stimulated pupils to learn by trial". Ana Lúcia Pinto students', in Portugal, claimed "learning math by coding is fun" said Carla Vercellone. Snežana Bogavac from Serbia pointed out that their students feel like "small developers who still have a lot to learn and are really motivated to continue programming".

What about you? Have you already tried out Scratch with your students? Have a look at the winning projects and get some inspiration for your next class.