ENABLE Hackathon: Tackle bullying & improve your digital skills

The ENABLE Hackathon aims to encourage young people to work in teams with a mentor to reflect on bullying in an environment geared to improving their online skills whilst celebrating their problem solving skills and creativity.


The tangible outcomes will be apps and tools (including videos, presentations etc.) which will be made available to support the elimination of bullying. The ENABLE Hackathon creations will be showcased at a central EU Coding week 2015 event to bring added value to the EU coding initiative and benefit from its visibility to raise awareness of anti-bullying approaches.

Teams and mentor are invited to meet online in July. During the summer they will develop an app or a product. The final creation must be submitted by 27 September 2015 23.00 CET and will be presented during the European Code Week (10-18 October). 

Further information on how the teams should be created, registration, entrant certificates, jury, awards and the Hackaton event can be found here