Code Week | 10-18 October 2015

Europe Code Week was created with the aim of raising the profile of coding and computer science, and to motivate people of all ages and backgrounds to start coding. Each year, Code Week, taking place this year 10-18 October, sees organisations and individual coders from across Europe coming together to encourage people to get try out coding by getting involved in one of the many coding events taking place as part of the campaign.

As part of this year's Code Week, The European Coding initiative have created a Toolkit for teachers who are interested in getting involved with their classes, with tips on how to organise your event, as well as providing a list of fun coding activities that you can do with your students.

The European Coding Initiative will also be organising a high-level event in Brussels on Monday 12 October. The event will see representatives from the European Commission, Ministries of Education, ICT companies and the civil society, along with young people and entrepreneurs, join together as advocates for teaching and learning how to code within education systems across Europe.