Celebrating Ada Lovelace day

On 13 October, Ada Lovelace day, we celebrate the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Ada Lovelace, the daughter of English poet Lord Byron and mathematician Anne Isabella Noel Byron, is considered to be the first computer programmer, and this year marks the 200th anniversary of her birth.

Since early childhood, Ada Lovelace showed a talent for mathematics and operations, and was also interested in examining how technology and humans interact, and how technology can assist people in day-to-day tasks. Lovelace worked with inventor Charles Babbage on his ‘analytical engine' in the 1850s - a mechanical computing device. Ada created advanced algorithms for the engine – she is considered the first person to have created an algorithm designed to be carried out by a machine. Although the analytical engine was never built, it embodied some of the features of the first modern computer.

Ada Lovelace died at age of 36, but her computational capabilities coupled with her vision for technology, have made her a powerful example for modern women in technology.






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