CODEGIRL: Breaking barriers & changing optics

In the technology-led world, more and more people are encouraged to get comfortable with new technologies and to develop their digital skills. While this could be particularly true for boys, less girls pursue degrees in computer science and choose a tech career.

The pressing question of today is: How can we get more girls go into #computerscience and pursue their dreams in tech?

According to some statistics only 7% of all investor money goes to women-led startups. Not because women are not suitable for the tech industry but because stereotypes imply success for women is nearly impossible in this male-dominated industry. There are various initiatives that aim to change the numbers so that more girls go into technologies and pursue their dreams.

The most recent example is CODEGIRL - a documentary movie that follows the story of 5,000 girls from 60 countries as they compete in a global entrepreneurship and coding competition by Technovation. The participants are presented with a real problem which needs to be solved by developing an app or device. But there is more to that – by making an app a reality, the coding girls are making a dream come true.

CODEGIRL can be watched for free until 5 November with the aim to inspire as many students as possible to go into computers and technologies. If you also think that coding is not only for boys but for girls, you can spread the news by using the hashtag #rallyforcodegirl. By supporting girls win over {coding} problems, we help women winning themselves.

 You can watch the video here: